Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Anti-Cybercrime FLaw

Wore this mask twice, once in October 9, 2012 at the Supreme Court, then once again, during the 28th Anniversary of the People Power Revolution at the EDSA Shrine, February 25, 2014. I hope that this mask retires, never to be worn again. I pin my hope to the Congress and Senate that Cyber Libel be struck off.

Please watch this youtube video in full screen, till the end, when Ronnie Nathanielsz gives his opinion.... review and review the ending seconds and memorize the exchange.

That is Ninoy's take on freedom of speech, which is if you can't talk your mind out you'll just give out a wide open mouth like what the guy got. And that is the essence why Cyber Libel should be struck down.

The Supreme Court ruled that the originator of the perceived libelous material in the web would be the one prosecuted and those who commented or liked or reposted or retwitted the material are exempt from punishment.

Now riddle me this.

On Facebook:

"Yung isang meyor nagwala kagabi sa Casino'ng pinagtatrabauhan ko. Natalo kasi ng 4 million, sinapok yung dealer"

Then somebody commented

"Ah, si Meyor Ambrocio Catacutan? Nakita ko nga. Tanging Inang meyor na yan. Rapist pa nga yan. Pati yung anak niyang si Junior rapist din ang animal! 4 million? Saan galing yung perang yon, magnanakaw talaga yan!"

I got charged for libel and that guy who cutely commented didn't. Oi!

My imagination sometimes linger in such a weird way and I always ask what happened and my imagination answers. For instance what was the scene when Pnoy signed that damning law?

Welcome to my mind. Wherever it is.


Pnoy: "Mar ayos na ba sa 'yo tung cyber cyber?
Mar: "Oo, okey na yan."

Pnoy: "Badong, ayos na rin ba sa iyo itong cyber cyber? Pirmahan ku na?
Badong (who is Pnoy's very best friend from time immemorial): "Okay na  yan Tarmac, pirmahan mo na."
Pinoy: "Tangna mo Badong sabi ng wag mo kong tawaging tarmac!"
Badong: "Tutuo naman, beehh!"
Pnoy: "O sige, beehh ka rin, supot!"

Approved without thinking!

What-if Scenario. Malacanang

Pnoy: "Mar ayos na ba sa 'yo tung cyber cyber?
Mar: "Oo, okey na yan."

Pnoy: "Badong, ayos na rin ba sa iyo itong cyber cyber? Pirmahan ku na?
Badong (who is Pnoy's very best friend from time immemorial): "Okay na  yan Tarmac, pirmahan mo na."
Pinoy: "Tangna mo Badong sabi ng wag mo kong tawaging tarmac!"
Badong: "Tutuo naman, beehh!"
Pnoy: "O sige, beehh ka rin, supot!"

Pnoy: "Sandali, baka makuryente ako dito. Basahin ko muna."

Pnoy: "Mga gago kayo! Bat meron LIBEL dito? Eh ito ang pinaglaban ng Tatay at Nanay ko ah! Ang kalayaang masabi ang nasa loob at isip. Ikinamatay ng Tatay ko ito, ang pagsasalita laban sa katarantaduhan ng mga namumuno sa gubyerno. Ibalik nyo yan sa mga ahas at buwaya.Veto ako muna rito."

Disapproved with thinking!



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another One About The Table of Organization

This was a memo I sent to the chairman of the Ad-Hoc Committee on T.O. way back in September 9, 2003. I just want to put it here as a blog so I could preserve the content and that you dudes could read it. I have sent this to all VPs and Departments of CDC noon panahon na yon.

TO:       EVP - VJIL
             Chairman - Ad Hoc Committe on T.O.

Much as would like to exalt and commend the management for its effort in promoting employees by means of expediting the Table of Organization, I must, in behalf of my colleagues, express some complaints regarding the present status of its implementation and therefore seek answers for the issues herein discussed. These sentiments are not mine alone, but are shared by all employees who had decided to apply to the job vacancies as posted on the bulletin boards.

The jobs posted on the bulletin boards enumerated all the qualifications necessary to attain such a post. All employees deemed that those set of qualifications is complete, final and executory. The result of which is that many of us applied based solely on those qualifications.

However, just yesterday (8 Sept. 2003), we were surprised to know that certain pre-qualifications were imposed. That, every applicant should pass a minimum of 65% of these pre-qualifications named Rating Form to be eligible for interview. We find this addendum or codicil to be an unethical imposition and thus question the sincerity of the whole process. We have to ask, why is it only now that these pre-qualifications were imposed? Why not at the beginning before even one job vacancy was posted on the bulletin boards?

Posting these pre-qualification before the actual job posting could have spared so many personnel from applying and prevented the accumulation of application papers and their attachement at the HRD office.

Among the inclusions subject for this complaint is the requirement of an applicant to have no tardiness for the past six months. Need we point out that tardiness on anyone's part could never subjugate the operations of the corporation? CDC was never a factory nor an assembly line that the absence of an employee for a certain amount of time causes a delay in production or caused dissatisfaction on a customer. Being late is never a manifestation that one could not perform his work properly or proficiently. There are also legit reasons for being late.

Another one is the inclusion of the performance appraisal form. Time and time again, this has proven to be subjective and is dictated on whether there is a collusion or collision between the appraiser and the appraised. Even the most non-performing asset among us will give himself a high rate and the humblest among us will rate himself humbly so.

I find the whole Rating Form itself is flawed. For instance, if a certain job vacancy has only one applicant and though he met the criteria as written on the job requirements but is in collision with his manager or direct supervisor and has legitimate reasons for accumulating six tardiness on a given month, will this necessarily mean that he will not get the post? Or will he be made an exemption and gain the post?

We feel that these new set of prequalification should not be included as prerequisite for a job since their inclusion were not predetermined during the formulation of the job requirements. The rating form should have been published before the actual job posting.

We ask the better judgement of the T.O. Committee to forfeit these impositions and level the playing field devoid of unwarranted technicalities.

In behalf of my colleagues,



Tuesday, November 12, 2013