Tuesday, February 7, 2006

JL 10 Certification Election

Before I dive into something that I don't know nuts about, become another fly in the ointment. Let me first draw some facts.

Fact 1: Job Level 3 to 9, commonly called the rank and file are represented by a union called ACCES.

Fact 2: There's this commercial wherein there's this certain family gathered on the dining table and this father-figure says somewhat gloomily, "Syanga pala, hindi na ko supervisor," then boomingly adds "Manager na ako!!!"

Fact 3: "Public Service is a Public Trust"


Last Friday two guys and I got a little chitchat just before we attack that inevitable finger-not-match machine. Guys are Job Level 10, says that on the 13th they're gonna have a Certification on Election. I don't recall the exact numbers here o.k. so bear with me and if there is a correction kindly correct me and whoop me. Say that there are 62 JL 10 today, and as I know for the certification to succeed them JL 10 just need 50% + 1 from their ranks to make it. So that's about 32 persons. Now, they're saying that the management is going to contest some of the votes on that day, about 21 of them persons they say are confidential employees and 7 of them although are at Job Level 10 don't have no personnel to supervise. Or vice-versa.

Now let me tell you my fair-neutered friend, that I have somehow read that on any organization the hierarchy is something like this

  1. Operations Personnel - The rank and file
  2. Lower Management - Supervisors, Division Heads
  3. Middle Management - Managers, Assistant Managers, directors
  4. Higher Management - CEO, presidents, vice-presidents

So let me go first with that magic seven.

To further murky the water, I's gonna make a little scene here. We are now a group of Pharisees and Sadducees rolled into one. And some heavenly being asked us, 'If we go with the management's contention that, although they're on JL 10 they don't do no supervision nor have they personnel to supervise, then where do they fall on the hierarchy above? Will they belong to Number 3 or to Number 1?"

We group ourselves together like a basketball team called by a coach. We'll be saying to each other that "If we tell him that the persons belongs to Number 3, then he'll tell us we should promote them as managers or assistant managers. If we tell him to Number 1 then he'll tell us that the persons could and should join ACCES."

So we'll come with a decision and say to the questioner "We don't know which number".

And he says "Neither am I answering you".

Nasa Bibliya yata ang eksenang to noh. Luke 20. (see Facts 2 & 3 above)

Now, to the 21 personnel.

I still remember that during the certification on election of ACCES in 1997 there on the DOLE building, San Fernando, we have a listing of about 250 personnel as candidate voters for the certification on election. Then the management came with their own listing. We compared notes we could not compromise and we went to the arbiter. And then the list was filtered down to only about a hundred or so. Gone's the 50% plus 1, I tell ya. So we appealed our case, went all the way to DOLE Manila for their opinion and then they come with Fact 3, and saying that since we are government personnel we are the ones to be practicing transparency for the sake of the public. We are all public figures, those who we serve should trust us and if there is no transparency between us and the public we are not worth our salt. There should never be any confidentiality in the government; we work in pure transparency├»¿½ or words to that effect. In other word there is no such thing as confidential employee in the government. Remember even our police force casted their votes during the C.E. That's what I remember.

Whatever I said on the last paragraph you could verify on the documents in the ACCES office.

Well, let me roil and boil the issue just one last time.

We all know that there are also Assistant Managers who have JL 10. And there are rank and file that are supervising other employees. Since it is clear that the Organizational Structure is not very clear, that there are certain disparity and yes flaws. It is just right to right the left and correct it where it needs correction.

Since I am not paying your salary I therefore promote those person in JL 10 with title Assistant Managers to JL11 so they could not join the Supervisory Organization and demote those JL 10 without any personnel to supervise to JL 9 so they could join ACCES. By the power vested in me by myself I also promote those Supervisory employees with Sr. in their title to JL 10 (this is tickling me). Well, hell, come to think of it, since I have all the power I therefore promote everyone with a Job Level increase.

Sana ganyan lang kadale no?

If I'm mistaken which numbers is which on the confidential and the non-supervising supervisors forgive me. Wala Na Bang Sorry?

Hope your certification becomes a success. Welcome to the Worldwide World of Organized Workers!!!

(originally posted -February 7, 2006)

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