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THE T.O. Mga Bagay Bagay na Kailangang Tuunin ng Pansin

I should first clarify that the notions, reactions, palavers, proclamations and criticism the reader is about to delve on is not in its frivolity or prudence mine alone but a conglomeration of ideas, treatise, innuendoes, folk-saying, theorems, juxtapositions and observations, verbal and written from the tiers of this corporation. The author shall be judged as a plagiarist from this point. I must call on the reader to be open minded, objective and lucid as much as they venture their thoughts, exertions and senses for the words and implications hereunder may sting the heart, fray noses and raise the tempers. I may name names, thus kindle ire for myself or others, castigate to pallidity some persons, debunk lies and construed half-truths. And yet my purpose in this letter shall remain, for my ascetic intention, pave terminals of thoughts, communications and vindications for the most subtle of thinkers, minds and egos as whims, wills and wits may thus apply. This item is not written to provoke anarchy, mutiny nor dissent, but to evoke light in every aspect of its meaning and only that. The individual reader is invited to remove with forced intentions his/her clothes of vanity and cloak of infuriation and vengative ideas toward this writer and others but must profoundly consider the lashings in all likely and unlikely manners when the excrements hits the fan and showers on all of us. Beckon and will that none of the torrents hits any part of you thereof. I now bid all the furious and blameless ? cast the first stone. Venturing forth, the imbroglio and dissent that we see and stand on stemmed from only four events. First is the Announcement during the flag raising ceremony on Jan. 7, second, the Announcement of Retrenchment on the ranks, third the Renouncement of the Retrenchment and fourth, the Confirmation of the Jan. 7 Announcement. The Fours. These are the foundations of all that there is. Loadstones that attracted or spawned other problems, dissatisfaction, verbal fisticuffs and almost a physical expression of masculinity. Distrust on the management by the ranks, distrust amongst and amidst the management, insults and disparagement on the ranks. The propensity of the management to wax and wane and bob and yin and yang and ping and pong and yoyo on matters that are delicate, sensitive, primordial even basic decisions were contorted to subjugation that displaced the preambles of this institution. The interest of common aim has been waylaid, left asunder by dubious devotions, selfish and covert dilation that the directions and intentions of the corporation was left in the ethers. The carapace that slows the machinery of the heart and spirit of the workers have been increased by the Fours above. Money given here and there are just temporal appeasement and opiates for each and every workers in this establishment, but will the workers subscribe to this treatment perennially is questionable. You could give this amount and we'll ask for more, give us that amount and we'll ask double. But give us respect, give us justice, give us the benefit of the doubt, give us partnership and fellowship, give us your words of honor, treat us as equal, give us common ground, believe in us, give us sincerity then we will entreat you the same and we go home with smiles, sleep in tranquility and eagerly wake up the next day to serve the corporation not despising whomever we blame for our despises for you are respectable and we bow and we are at your command knowing that you are sensitive and feels the pains and passions of day to day work and again we smile alone looking at you saying to ourselves I could not embrace you physically for I will look like a
faggot but if it so happens that you have extrasensory perception you know that I have for the hours that passed been beholding your heart, you are not a saint but you serve this corporation well and in return we will serve it tenfold or a hundredfold for you are worthy and we constantly pray that there be more of you here. Respect is a two-way street. I could not give you respect if your acts are despicable. I could not follow your order to tighten my belt for the reap is wanting because I see that you are a glutton. I could not follow your order to say grace at the meals because you had stammered and scolded and uttered invectives and blasphemies at the raw potatoes. I could not follow your order to remove a single person of my command for you have hired new people to command a ghost flotilla. You want my respect, show me first why I should do so. Reckless directives coupled with blind obedience should not be promulgated nor followed as a standard operating procedure, for they feed each other and justify their concerts leading to chaos, confusion and miscommunications to all extremities of this respected office. One must first contemplate his directives with forebodes, intuition, common sense, consultations, opinions, logical reasoning, jurisprudence and awareness of the prevailing rules of the land, the company and the pact made with the common people. Blind obedience should not be taken at face value and obedience by rote should be erased from the walls of the minds. Again, before someone obeys a reckless directive no matter how judicious or superfluous should be contemplated and acted upon with total subjectivity, logic, planning, forethought and free of speculations. One cannot overrun the trenches without knowing how many men are waiting for your barrage. Nor should you be confident to declare war because your army is triple than that of the adversary, not knowing the superiority of their training, weaponry and allies. Now, there was a satrap who've tasked one of his trusted deputies to build a manor to be made of the best material available in his domain and asked him to do so in only two weeks. The deputy being of loyalty to his satrap did not asked for more time since he acknowledges the fact that there are a lot of quality materials in the domain and selecting so will be time consuming and this was his first time to do such a demanding task. He then headed out to asks his trusted friends to help him in this endeavor, and knowing that his satrap is of strict resonance and compliance is of importance he set out to build the house starting from the roof. The roof and the ceiling and the purlins are of extreme expense and some of it were imported from unknown source that two weeks have passed by like clouds on a windy day. The day of reckoning is at hand and all that he had finished is the roof. The satrap from afar had seen the roof and had a messenger sent to commend his deputy and those that have helped him. The satrap announced to his entourage, ?see now the manor of beauty and quality, seeing it afar is enough for we are here many measures away from my land and yet we could all see that the manor is magnificent, what more when we come to relish from a few steps. Let us now venture to other lands and we will come home perhaps another day.? The lofty roof was finished but the foundations, columns, walls, doors and windows were not. It is not even known if the pre-fabricated roof will fit on the the manor when all the necessary structures are created. Our Table of Organization or what is left of it is like that which was aforesaid. The roof (managers and assistant managers) was built in two weeks, this new managers and assistant managers were announced and conformed with acceptance, some of them are new employees sans seniority. They were appointed as such in absence of a cohesive department or units (foundation, columns, etc.). It is just now that the necessary composite departments are being studied for promulgation. The design of the T.O. itself put all of the involved into a quagmire of influences, there are departments being of knowledge to the committee whose personnel's job level are jacked up immensely beyond that of which is justifiably correct or inure. Secretary with JL 10, a CPA or a lawyer or a doctor or an engineer with JL 10. There is no more distinction on the job's complexity, culpability, sensitivity and responsibility. Let us be aware of the fact that a CPA, a lawyer, a doctor or an engineer is required to secure a license at the Professional Regulations Commission, furthermore, these people are required to defend a thesis, practice their professions through on-the-job training, take an oath of allegiance and be governed by a code of professional conduct. These professionals have this sort of sword of Damocles hanging above their heads whenever they undergo a task for the duration of their project and beyond. They are responsible before, during and after a project is completed. One mistake and their license may be revoked much more they may not practice their profession totally. What we have right now my dear colleagues is a Table of Organization with faces. We knew who will be occupying what positions, we knew that the T.O. is based on personalities and influences, for the manipulations, discrepancies and grooming literally jump out of the pages of the document. Instead of the T.O. being propitiatory for everyone it has become a source of avarice, biases and influence. This is not what we have bargained for. As I have mentioned, one should have foresight when issuing a directive, what-if analysis should be its prerequisite and thus the worst should be expected. The financial status of the company should be taken into the uppermost level of consideration and of course since this corporation is directly under the auspice of the Philippine President one should be ready of any presidential directive that may affect the operations of the corporation. E.O. 186 will be remembered as the epee that punctured the stomach of CDC, the financial resources of this corporation will be drained and thus the question of the T.O. being implemented will be adversely affected. Can CDC still support the profligates of managers, assistant managers, jacked up Job Levels? Are we still affluent enough to support these people? What-if: In the near future, is ethical to retrench people given that these people succeeded to get what they want? Who will be the next sacrificial lambs? I will answer that fair and square ? the rank and file that toils whose only suffrage is to live and earn decently. Avarice above, moribund below. The rain falls with prejudice. Today and the succeeding days, the Excom AD HOC Sub-Committee will convene to evaluate with finality the revision of the Table of Organization, let us all pray that they be governed with fairness and propriety that they may not see faces nor personality but the validity and justifiability of the positions. God Bless this Corporation. MAKE PEACE NOT WAR!!! END THE WAR IN IRAQ!!! p.s.
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written on monday March 24, 2003 under the influence
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