Monday, October 9, 2006

Letter I Sent To Congress

Some months ago, I wrote a letter to congress regarding two bills that are pending for law. I have my 5 minutes of fame in there, the letter was read, my name mentioned, and them congresspeople were thinking to imposing some sanctions to their members who are always absent. Dudes and dudettes in the office were asking what was the content of that letter. Here it is.

Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen,

My name is Othello Dela Cruz and I work here in Clark Development Corporation. I hope and pray that most of you at least browse this letter and give a little attention to our flight.

I have on at least three occasion (February 21, 2006, May 16, 2006 and recently May 24, 2006) went with my peers to the Batasan Hills hoping that somehow you deliberate and pass the House Bills that I and about 41,000 workers at Clark eagerly anticipated. But as of this time those bills are still bills because there is a lack of quorum on the session hall.

There are at least 346 operational investors here at Clark Special Economic Zone, 17% percent of which are foreign owned. None of us who works here in CSEZ does not want them to leave. If they do, it will mean the end of our work and in so doing our livelihood or the education of our children.

You all know very well that the Mt. Pinatubo eruption and the closing of Clark Air Base had made us the worst of economy for a very long time. That’s a double whammy that crippled all of us. Today CSEZ does not only employ the peripheral mass, there are workers here who hail as far as Gen. Santos in Mindanao working in an I.T. company here. Surely, they don’t want to lose their job also.

I believe you also know that the reason why there are investors here is because of the tax incentives that we as a nation offered them and that the Supreme Court has nullified these tax incentives on its decision last July 29, 2005.

And now here comes HB04900 and HB04901 to rescue us from another economic woe. Please deliberate on them this coming May 30, 2006 during your plenary session. Please encourage other congressmen/women to be there so there would be a quorum. I have a kid taking up nursing in a local school; she’s on her third year of schooling. If our investors leave she may not be able to finish her course. I beg you to just do this for just one kid. Again, a quorum that’s all I ask of you.

Thanks and God Bless you all…

Othello C. Dela Cruz

Sr. ICM Officer

Clark Development Corporation


I have listed below the companies here in Clark who are not only top exporters but have most of our workers also.






Nanox Philippines, Inc.
(Sub-Lessor: Clark Premier Industrial Park)

$ 57,946,053


Yokohama Tire Phils., Inc.

$ 7,875,154


L&T International Group Phils., Inc.

$ 6,024,191


Smart Shirts Phils.(J.G. Garment (Phils.), Inc)
.(Sub-Lessor Philexcel Textiles)

$ 3,373,972


SMK Electronics Phils.

$ 1,990,359


Conquest Phils., Inc.

$ 1,337,704


L & K Industries Phils., Inc.
(Sub-Lessor: Clark Premier )

$ 1,204,481


Peninsula Fashion Int’l Corp.

$ 1,083,538


Crismina Garments, Inc.
Sub-Lessor Philexcel Textiles)

$ 1,064,665


House of Gold Jewelry Mfg., Inc.

$ 771,745


Aderans Phils., Inc.
(Sub-Lessor Clark Premier Industrial Park)

$ 720,998


Golden Stone Garments, Inc.
(Sub-Lessor D’ Capstone)

$ 574,266


Bright Glory Apparel Corp. (Sub-Lessor: Philexcel Industrial Park)

$ 501,569


Stratex Networks Asia (Formerly DMC Stratex)

$ 263,691


Hansa Toy International, Inc.

$ 263,411


H3 Technology Phils., Inc. (Sub-Lessor: Berthaphil)

$ 256,296


Mecca Manufacturing Philippines, Inc,

$ 218,596


Kyowa Sonic Phils., Ltd., Inc.(Sub-Lessor Berthaphil)

$ 211,474


OEM Int’l Trading, Inc.
(Sub-Lessor Philexcel Textiles)

$ 195,703


Amertron, Inc.
(Sublessor Linaheim Properties, Inc.)

$ 153,379

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