Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

You dream, I dream, we all dream. And dreams, well, they do happen, although what you dream doesn’t translate in the real world as it was in the dream.

It happens like a parallel thing, symbolical maybe, but more on the events in your dream correspond to an event in the future. And then you remember that dream. I don’t mean that kind of dream that on your dream you peed and waking up, you really peed (shame on the drunkards Smile), or that a monster was attacking you and you keep rolling on the ground, only to wake that your wife is pulling the sheet and you are really rolling…. on the bed.

I am talking more of a vivid or lucid dream. You are aware that you are dreaming and that it seems so real and when you wake up you remember most or much of it.

One thing wrong with vivid dreams is that, you don’t know the beginning of it. Could you tell me how your dream began? No, right? You only know a certain point in the event of your dream that somehow you correlate to the start of your vivid dream. It is that time frame on your dream that happens in real life.

I’ve got two dreams that really happened….

The First Dream

Republic Central Colleges is where I graduated from High School. The main building is a 7 floor concrete building. Now do follow me. The eight floor is the roof of the building. There is also some sort of a ninth floor which seems to me then and now is a helipad. Picture below is the main building. Upper right corner of the center building is the “helipad”.
Here you have an almost unobstructed view of the whole Central Luzon plains. Only Mt. Arayat blocks a little of Nueva Ecija. You could see the mountains of Zambales in the west, the mountains of Cordillera on the North, the mountains of Sierra Madre on the east, and the Smoggy Mountains of Manila in the South. You could see the spire of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in San Fernando from here. And also the tower of Clark Air Base (CAB) where an airplane pretending to be a shark protects it.

The dream happened about 1983.

I was on the helipad. It was afternoon, the whole view is clear. Windy. I looked below on Plaridel Street. Brenda Bazaar. Spit. Count. A single bomb (like I do in real life). Look at the mountains from Zambales to Cordillera to Sierra Madre. Looking for enemy targets. I was admiring something on Mt. Arayat. But then, something is happening.

It is getting dark. Not a sudden darkness, but more of a slow crawling darkness. Not from the north or east. The Zambales range is kind of grayish white. I could only see the base of the mountain. It was like a curtain of cloud was put partially down and that I could see the shoes only. I could only see the Clark tower and for lack of words to describe it, just the foot of the mountain.

Behind the curtain I could see flashes of light much like lightning but foggy. The planes are not flying, there is no war. But I see what looks like missiles being dragged by trucks being carried out of the CAB Side Gate. I looked above me and the darkness is directly above.

I woke up.

In the morning after my dream, I told my classmate Rammy about the dream. Ram is a Born Again Christian and keeps on asking me to attend one of their Fellowship Prayers in their house.

It is kind of a given that I consult him of this since he knows much about the Bible and sometimes gives interpretation on dreams.

He told me to tell me everything about the dream, and if I could, draw the dream as it happens. I did.

Ram told me that what I have seen is not a dream but a vision of the future. More specifically, Armageddon. The curtain of cloud is a result of exploding atom bomb since there is lightning inside it and that the darkness that crawled up in the sky is the mushroom cloud.

That surely gave me the creeps. And up till this day I could not, never forget that dream.

In 1991, Mt. Pinatubo erupted and it has all the decals of my dream. Ram is wrong, I hope.

The Second Dream

This dream happened on October 26, 2010.

Me and my colleagues were somehow on the side of a road. As I told you above, you never know the beginning of your dream. So here I am with them waiting for I-don’t-know. I’m just there and they’re just there.

One colleague said “Here he is”. I looked and I saw a tricycle. The driver is familiar. Every one is saying their “Hi, Hello” to him.

Now this tricycle is not an ordinary tricycle. Instead of looking like this:
It looks like this:
It’s side car is on the wrong side. Now what does this mean? I’ll tell you Yankee.

Vehicles in the Philippines are supposed to be left handed. That is when you overtake a car you go to your left. Now if this trike overtakes a vehicle in front of him, then another, then another, and so on near the speed of sound, the passenger inside is in for a heart attack. Not because of the fear of the speed but because of the oncoming vehicles rushing up to her. (As you can see the passenger is a woman, and she seems to be texting, that cellphone will also be crushed by her own hand you know).

Back to the dream.

We all went on the passenger “cubicle”. There were about eight or nine of us cramped inside it. Up ahead there is a road construction. My colleagues near the driver were talking to him. “You sure you could get us there in time?”, “Yes.” was the reply.

Every one is in a jolly mood, because knowing the driver, he could deliver. We wont be late, despite the road construction.

The trike wheezed by avoiding all those humps and bumps and puddles and muddles. Up ahead there is no way that he could maneuver his trike to a deep excavation, so he told us to alight the vehicle and walk just a few meters to the curve of an intersection. So we did.

He made a tight turn and what do you know. He was on top of this culvert canal which is only as wide as his trike. We saw him going under the road and came to the other side all powdered with dust. On the far end of what I could see must be the U-turn he’ll have to take so he could fetch us on the sidewalk intersection.

We’ve waited.

But more than five minutes have elapsed and he hasn’t arrived. A trike driver on the other side of the road was looking at us and was shaking his head. Same is true to that man who’s shouting “Main Gate! Main Gate!”

We were growing inpatient. Then he came fast, we were looking at him, flagging him down and though he looked up straight pretending not to see us. We all know that he saw us. He has another passenger.

Dream ends.

This dream although very vivid is a symbolic dream. I can’t tell you much about what happened in real life, but here is what I could only say.

We’ve entrusted a man with our problem. The man promised to take care of our problem. The man told us to wait. We did wait. The man told us that our troubles are over but the man told us to wait a little longer. And we did wait a little longer.

And then the man just left us in the dust. He did not deliver his promise.

Our collective feeling is this…

We got a middle finger salute.

We were betrayed.

We were deceived.

We are not important.

We are nothing.

And to think that we respect this man.

And then I woke up. “That was just a dream, that was just a dream, that’s just a dream. That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spot light, loosing my religion.” It was a REM ringtone.

It was only a dream

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