Friday, December 10, 2004

A.O. 103 - Corruption Remover

A guy went up to me, (think his name is dimwit), and asked me, what is A.O. 103? Anything there that tells us about the on-going T.O. or filling up of positions? Is ROYCO Chicken Noodle Soup still available?

So i'll answer it here.

Dear Engot,

First, about A.O. 103.
A.O. wan-oh-tri, is a president's directive, commanding (take not, commanding, not asking or begging) all government agencies, including GOCC'S (CDC is one big GOCC and is therefore covered and it is not in any manueverable way EXCEMPTED, OHHHKEEEEY) to lessen it's expenditures. Now expenditures is simply honoraria, allowances from meeting important or otherwise, free lunch from these meetings, gasoline, and anyother thing that you could see clearly as unwanted and unwarranted expence, etc. Gasoline, gasoline, gasoline. To solve this, I'd say that everybody who drives CDC vehicles should return the vehicle on the motorpool on or before 5:00 P.M. every Friday, no excemption. ('Tsa andami nanamang nagalit sakin dito, kurutin nyo na lang ako, peepols). Pero, why, bakit, why, bakit ko nasabi ito.

Lemme tell you my story...

We live in Magalang, eldest kid wanted to go to SM so we could buy her a novel: Angels and Demons from Dan Brown (the same author of Da Vinci Code), needed on a thesis or something. So hauled up the wife and three kids, board a jeepney for SM SF, fare is ninety-six pesos (4 persons), got the book at National for three-hundred-eighty pesos, lingered for three hours, while my youngest daughter was riding the carousel, I went out of SM, smoked, and then.... lo and behold, a certified CDC vehicle, parked in front of me, passengers came out, four of them, and the vehicle wheeled off, for a parking space probably. I go like uttering "buti pa sila me serbis, kami namanasahe. Kaka-inggit," and this SM guard was saying to the lady guard, "for official use only, neh, duminggu ngeni, neh, kalokwan dah neh." Shame. I was simply disgusted. Then I go like uttering "buti na lang namamasahe kami. Mainggit ka sa amin".

O.K. Second kwestion, " Anything there that tells us about the on-going T.O. or filling up of positions?"

Answer. A.O. 103 virtually stopped the process of the T.O. or the job hiring, cross-posting, and promotion. Here's the clause "SEC. 2. Consistent with the government's rationalization policy, the provisions of Republic Act No. 7430, or the Attrition Law, specifically Section 3 thereof which prohibits the filling-up of positions that have been vacated by reason of RESIGNATION, RETIREMENT, DISMISSAL, DEATH OR TRANSFER TO ANOTHER OFFICE, with certain exceptions, are hereby adopted until lifted by the President."

And what is that Section 3 of R.A. 7430? Here it is:

Sec. 3. Attrition. — Within five (5) years from the approval of this Act, no appointment shall be made to fill vacated positions in any government office as a result of resignation, retirement, dismissal, death or transfer to another office of an officer or employee: Provided, however, That this prohibition shall not apply in the following instances:
(a) Where the position is head of a primary organic unit such as chief of division;
(b) Where the position is the lone position in the organizational unit and it corresponds to a particular expertise that is intrinsic to the desired basic capability of the unit concerned;
(c) Where the positions are basic positions for the initial operations of newly created or activated agencies or, in the case of other agencies, where the positions are vital and necessary for the continued and efficient operation of said agencies;

(d) Where the positions are difficult to fill considering the qualifications required therefor, as in the case of doctors, lawyers and other professionals;

(e) Where the positions are found in agencies declared to be understaffed;

(f) Positions in Congress or in the Judiciary;

(g) Appointments or designations extended by the President;
(h) Where the positions are found in local government units;

(i) Teaching personnel; and

(j) Where the replacement come from existing employees.

Provided, further, That exemptions from this prohibition shall require authorization by the Civil Service Commission: Provided, finally, That no appointment shall be issued by the appointing authority nor approved by the Civil Service Commission without said authorization.
Appointments made in violation of this Act shall be null and void.

So, now I think that explains it. No lateral movement, no job hiring, no promotion until such a time that A.O. 103 is superseeded by another administrative order, kinda like Negative A.O. 103. And then some, so, if somehow, you went to work and then found somebody old or new in your office which has occupied a vacant position from the overruled T.O.., you just chant in a sing-song voice "EEEEHHHH...OOOHHHH ...WHAAAAAAN OOOOHHHH TRIIIIIII, lalalala, Ehh...OOOHHHH ...WHAAAAAAN OOOOHHHH TRIIIIIII, lalalala, Ehh...OOOHHHH ...WHAAAAAAN OOOOHHHH TRIIIIIII, lalalala, " have your office mate join you in the chanting and kinda put some dance steps into it. Suggestion : "Ehh ohhh, ehhh oh, wan oh tri and we wanna go home, daylight come and we wanna go home, ehh hoo, heee oohh" Know that song? And tell em straight on its face Kapal muks, kapal muks. And then tell the ombudsman about it. This is a violation of a direct order from the president of the Philippines, and no one not even the sipsips and the bosses are above the law. I'ts about time you do it. Come on, I dare yous.

(Dyos ko, ati nanamang bisang makamate kanaku kanini)

Third kwestion."Is ROYCO Chicken Noodle Soup still available?"

Oo nga, no? Ba't ba wala na yon? Pati Fresh Gusto wala na rin, at saka Kalamansi Fresh Revive, at saka yung A & W Root beer dyan sa tabi ng Ocampo's Balibago. DZYA, Max Restaurant dyan sa harap ng Philippine Rabbit. RTG.

Wan ko.

(originally posted - December 10, 2004)

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