Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Bitsin Expounding Volume 1

Now comes them expounding in no particular order.

1. "Subcontract" thing.

Kabitan blues. Don't do it, don't be tempted doing it, don't even think about it. Its bad for you, bad for your image, bad for your family, bad for the company. Unless, unless you're in for an audition for the next video series entitled "CDC Scandals Volume 4"

2. Political ties, political patronage, machinations

When you enter CDC as the main man or the deputy main man, you just gotta make that painful metamorphosin' from an alligator farmer to a jumbo jet pilot, no matter what them gators say or do to you or your reputation.

Floyd, remember one time when a CDC president kicked out a local politician from one of them houses near CDC? That CDC president was bemedalled with a "Persona Non Grata" award by a local council. He got a bad image locally, but the hard pleasing CDC employees loved that gambitty move. The man means business as if to say "No matter who you are you aint gonna get any free lunch here. You wanna stay, you pay. Give us a limbo low blow, you go."

And Floyd, you remember the time when you've applied for a job in CDC? You apply to the department, you got interviewed by the manager, if you made a good impression you take an exam. If you made good on the exam, you go to HRD and take another exam and if you made good on the HRD exam they ask for your excrements and if your excrements are non toxic you're hired. Remember that? I do, I went to the same way. Now, look at dat. That new face, that freshly squeezed orange face. Did that guy went the same needle eye? No!? Well, no, chances are he went up to the main man or the deputy main man carrying a hand written note from Malacanang, or a senator or a congressman or a gobernor or a mayor, note saying " Pare, ikaw nang bahala sa tao ko. Magaling to Pare. Para sa akin to Pare. Salamat Pare ... P.S. Ako nang bahala sa yo Pare" or to that effect.

And then you remember seeing a resume about 4 months ago, scanned the papers got these; Data collected: Name: Lana Obra, Chemical Engineer; Job Experience: 1995-2001; Fil Synthetic, Laguna; 2001-2004 Dara Darusalam Petrochem, Saudi Arabia.

Now floyd that resume was 4 months ago, that freshly graduated orange face was a week on his job, two months ago there was this A.O. 103. Floyd, tell me.... Is there a magician in the house?

till next time.

(originally posted - March 2, 2005)

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