Monday, February 28, 2005

CDC Prexy - Who Now?

An article on the Philippine Star appeared days ago, confirming that Dr. Emmanuel Y. Angeles is going to resign from his post as CDC President/CEO comes March 16, 2005.

An article on Sunstar Clark has it that some local organizations in Pampanga is endorsing Levi Laus to be the next CDC President.

CSEZ grapevine has it that CILA is not endorsing anybody but will accept whom ever GMA appoints, unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

And the real deal - the CDC employees?

Well now, this bunch are hard to please. They expect so much from the next man at the helm that if you question them outright "Whom do you think should be the next president?", you would not get a proper answer, especially the "Whom" part. The proper question to be asked is this: "What should the next president be like?"

And then you get a lot of answers, a lot of qualities and I have concluded that based from their answers, there is none qualified except God himself.

So what are these qualities? Simple...

1. The candidate should adhere to and practice the ideals of "Panunumpa sa Watawat" and "Panunumpa ng Isang Kawani ng Gobyerno", instead of mumbling them during the flag raising ceremony.

2. The "Thou shall not recieve gifts or ask for gifts" clause of the CDC company policy and Government Official Ethics thing should be practiced wholeheartedly during Christmas and other days of the year, all day and each and everyday.

3. The candidate should respect and implement government directives and not make himself an exemption from these nor contort such directives for his advantage nor other person's advantage.

4. He should never have any political ties or affiliation, and if he have one, should severe such after he's sworn into office and every day there after.

5. He should not nurture political patronage, give favors to politicians nor ask favors from politicians, nor give in to their machinations.

6. He should not make CDC his milking cow, make it his playground, make it his friends playpen. CSEZ should be his primary concern and make his other business on the "Other Matters" list of his agenda.

7. He should have only one spouse and should never "subcon" an employee. He should also yield away from employees who wanted to be "subcontracted" for advantage.

8. Transparency, which have always been preached here but not practiced fully should now be one of his primary and realistic goal.

9. If the need arise, he should hire competent people with real world experience to supplement the workforce and not hire somebody who's only knowledge is kinship and padrino. (See 5 & 6 above)

10. He should sometimes eat where the employees usually eat their lunch (before 11:00 A.M. sharp)

11. He should pay for his meal from his own pocket.

Okay, now. Them bitsin' above are just a summary and I encourage the you to add more if you like or expound on the listing....

Wait there's more.

but not now.

(originally posted - February 28, 2005)

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