Wednesday, February 2, 2005


eggyolk heavy....

inside his skull, a balancing act
mouth hungry for cold, cold water
eyes squinting, dilated, red

can't focus...

walked in a daze, half stumbling

half staggering

stomach's gurgling, joints weak

might as well sleep it all off
the delight of last night's bottled spirits
showed it's dark side,

a genie in vengance

slipped to deep sleep



sick leave


I ran through the woods in swollen
anger pangs of ire shadows my
eyes furious grin slapped a trunk
with clenched fists i fell to
the leaf carpetted ground wrestled
with self pity tears rolled and
mixed with sweat heavy heaving
gasps rays stabbing the
the darkness of this haunting forest
a shrill my voice was creatures
sprang from their perch i died
today wide awake i slipped from
my grasp of hope the dream is
over the dew is dry she could
have been my wife
and look i'm a puking poet

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