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To Congress Again? - Oti

We are again encouraged to go to Batasan on Tuesday. That will be the fourth time that we'll go there, right? Based on your experience during the last three visits, tell me, what did we achieve aside from the two hundred? Will the fourth make any difference?

As I see it, the three visits produced nothing and the fourth will likewise be the same. Tell me what's wrong with it. Well, that's elementary. The problem simply is achieving a quorum. Focus and concentrate on this. Quorum. How to achieve it.

Those two bills do not depend on our presence in the Batasan, but on the presence or absence of the lawbreakers, I mean makers. Putting two and pi together we must ask ourselves…

How do we make them go there?

As I pointed out in my last blog, we should make them aware that we will go there. A signature campaign signed, if possible by every worker in CSEZ, telling them the importance of the two bills and the economic repercussions if they were never passed. Then put this as a paid ad on one or all of the major newspapers, TIk-tik, Barako, Bulgar, etc.


1. If it is not possible to make everyone in CSEZ sign it, have their HR sign em as their representatives.

2. A full page ad cost about P 250,000, 1/8 ad cost P 8,000. Pass the collection plate or have em sponsored or get it from the president's contingency fund.

Spruce the ad with important statistics, but not too many numerics. Exact number of workers as of May 2006. How much is the collective salary of these workers in a given month. How much money these individuals pay as tax. How much money the locators contribute to the economy.

Have these ads published a day or two before they convene and I bet they'll make that place a beehive and viola! Quorum.

Covered one ground in there. You pessimist may ask "What if that didn't work?"

Floyd, I ain't finished yet. There's a covert ops before that.

Lemme see. We were encouraged to write an email to almost all the congressmen/women, right? Being a very subservient person I did just that. Composed a very dramatic email (but truthful) sent it to them and behold 95% of those email bounced back because their email box are either full or non-existent. Boo-boo 1.

Boo-boo 2. Cellphone numbers of some politicians were circulated. I see that not a congressman/woman in that numbers (or did I miss it?) to make our plight known far and wide. They're to local to influence any thought. But any way, being very very subservient I didit didit didahdah.

And I guess I went beyond that, look for the email of some prominent media people, looked for Max Soliven, no email published. Randy David got one at gmail. E-mailed him. Now Randy David comes to mind because he's the it-man right now. I bet all my mere monthly salary that, about 98.6352% of our politicians read this intrepid's column in PDI, and besides he's got one very compassionate brother in the clergy named Ambo. (I found Ambo's email at yahoo and phone number Friday, intending to email him, instead of Randy, but could not contact him, he's ordained to bishop that Friday).

If you catch my drip, I encourage you to do likewise.

And here's the other covert op.

Ain't it so that we have the PRD? We know that them congressmen/women got offices in the Batasan. Why not pay them a visit? I mean with PRD people leading a consortium of managers, higher officials, board managers and locators' big bosses visits the congs offices, like, say manager Polpot you go on this side of the building, manager Mengfei cover the right wing. There are about 240 viets in the Batasan, with the contingent devoting a day of orienting those scaly wags about our plight, making a very tear jerking powerful point presentation and making them do their job telling that those men and women in CSEZ pays taxes diligently and that some part of these taxes becomes their salary and that some of these taxes becomes their pork barrels and that these pork barrels pay for their cockfight and their number two's apartment, etc., etc.

Hope that you get my drip.

"Tol, what if that still don't work?"

Weak brain, lemme see thee lemon seed. Uh huh, hmmmm…. That's very easy. As I've said we've got our PRD, right? That's Public Relations Department, right? And this is a problem of public relations, right? And they are to do public relations for our corporation and the CSEZ, right? It's their job, right? And all of them, (except for Noel), weighs at least 175 pounds, right? And it's at this kinda times that they shine, right?

Newsflash UP/AP/API/Reuters

"The staff of Clark Development Corporations' Public Relations Department (PRD) today are outside the gates of the Batasan and may be in there for a long time. They are clamoring for the approval of two bills pending at congress which they say are very crucial on the lives of about 40,000 workers at Clark Special Economic Zone. We have here Mr. Sunny to tell us more about their impending activities.

"Mr. Sunny what is your agenda for today and what are your plans?

"Well, as you have already mentioned, those two bills are very critical indeed. Many lives depend on it and the economy of the whole Central Luzon will be compromised if these bills don't become law. They are very crucial indeed, that me and the whole staff of Public Relations Department has decided that we are going into a hunger strikes until the bills..."

Lighten up!

(originally posted - May 28, 2006)

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