Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Help Our Janitorial Crew

As you all probably knew our janitorial serve crew are in a deep squeeze today. They are wedged between a rock and a granite wall. Their contractor had asked them to shed Php 10.00 off their salary so he could earn a little profit (they have already paid him). Php 10.00 a day means Php 230 per complete month PER person. We have 51 personnel serving as janitors, which translate to Php 11,230 per month excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

Look here so I would not have to explain. I and some dudes and dudettes had made a letter addressed to the proprietor of Megascope asking him to stop this collection which is actually extortion. We have signed that letter and will send it to him at a later date. We hope that you help us in this endeavor by signing the letter yourself. We are targeting at least 200 signature so as to make an impact. Please do help us.

Picture me this. The finance office without Rose? Or the O.P. without Lito? BAC without Mervin?Glum isn't it.

Below is the complete text of the letter...



Proprietor – Megascope General Services

Sindalan, City of San Fernando

February 8, 2007


We, the undersigned employees of Clark Development Corporation, convey our disgust on your extortion of P 10.00 per person from your janitorial service crew. Please be informed that this action is very much illegal and we do not tolerate such deed to continue in our workplace.

Please be aware many of these people have already rendered almost ten years in CDC and they are very efficient and industrious. Now, however, they fear that they may loose their jobs if they do not comply with your order.

In good faith CDC has awarded you the contract for janitorial services and in good faith you should also give what is due to CDC. However, your reasoning that the ten pesos you asked of is needed since you barely make a profit from the contract you have signed with CDC is not a reason that you put your burden on their backs. The burden should be on you and you should not pass it to them.

We believe that you must ask our officers that they relieve you of your contract than make your crew suffer for your personal gain. Ten pesos that you gain from them is ten pesos deprived of them and their respective families.

We implore you to stop this collecting practice and may God bless you.


Please, print this and show it to your colleagues and explain to them what's the letter about. Tomorrow, I will be carrying the manifest and hope that you sign it. Forgive me for my impudence in doing this thing, I know that the guys from Engineering are doing something about this. I may be preempting their actions but I just don't want a second collection to happen.




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Anonymous said...

Who ever this guy is, he's evil resurrected. Sucking the blood of his own employees. Pure EVIL.