Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Free Hug Movement

(I have written this blog a few weeks ago, I have to hold on to it, till this Valentine's Day. I would appreciate it if you click on the ads to the right of this page, then return to this weblog)

There are often times people or a person that affects the way we treat other people. These people profoundly influence our behavior or reactions to those whom we knew and those who are familiar to us, the people we see day by day and those total stranger we see from a distance momentarily The same is true to those people whom we don't actually see or had met, but told to us, or we've heard off or we've read about. For me there were two. One is person I've seen from a distance. I'll tell you about him when I find his entry on my "lumang baul". The other is Cliff Stoll. I won't tell you about him, you just have to find out about him. That was years ago. I have another one,


Juan Mann...


Please watch the vide below three times. It may take a little time to load, but please bear with me.

Dont' ever continue reading this without finishing the video.

On the first just let the video run. On the second time take a closer look on the color change and the first person of both gender to hug him. On the third give a keen ear on the lyrics. You may need a fourth serving for this last watch.

At this point, you have to make a google search for this guy (he's on Oprah!!) to know more about him.

I have to tell you this, although you may already knew it. A hug is a great show of affection. It is therapeutic to the reciever as well as to the giver. A hug heals a lot, not only sickness but also a relationship that has long soured. It brings friends, brothers, sisters, parents that had been at enmity with each other together. And the after effect of this hug is, of course, tears. Tears of joy, tears of forgiveness, tears of peace, calm. A balm to a wounded heart. A hug means that that long lasting bitterness has finally come to an end. A hug means forgivenss. Two way. He/she may have wronged you. He/she may have felt that it is you who have wronged him/her. Take the first step. You hug that person. Forgive then totally forget. Start anew.

Today is Valentine's Day. It is a day of the heart. A day when hugs are given here and there. Give a hug this day not for your wife or family alone but for that brother or sister or friend that you haven't spoken with for a long time. If that guy is in Canada or wherever place abroad, call him. If he slams the phone on you, call him again, if he slams it again, call again. Call him till the rooster crows. If in some way he gives the phone to another person, tell that person that you  called to  greet him a Happy Valentine. And that you miss him, and that if you could only be there, you want to hug him.

You've annulled your wedding? Why don't you visit him, and let him hug your child. I could only wish that you too hug him.

And for those who have made a steady vigil on the bicameral committee, who had made a difference to the whole CSEZ. And made us keep our jobs in CDC and the jobs of the other 47,000 or so workers. To Sir Larry, Joey, Sonny who have endured Calvary, I may look like a faggot if I hug you, but who cares!!! Better stay away from me, I have halitosis!!! Too much emperador.

Happy Valentines' Day



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This a good idea, can we start one in p.i.