Friday, April 13, 2007

A Bright Light In Pampanga and A Dimming One At CDC

As much as I wanted that this blog remains apolitical, I just can't help to write about a man of the cloak who's love for his fellowmen has gone beyond the pulpit.

It was on early February when I and the rest of the underground crew were having a discussion on whom will we vote for as Pampanga's governor this coming May election. On that day there were only two candidates, Lilia and Mark. Okay, I'll take a shortcut here.

Both candidates have blemished reputations. One is presumably involved in sand scam and the other on illegal gambling. As our discussion goes on and on, we came to a consensus that we will vote for the lesser evil, the less corrupt. A debate on who's the less corrupt and who helped the people most ended in no vote. Skip the box for governor. Even our Parish Priest, Among Raul Delos Santos don't approved of either candidate. He says, "Ing metung mamangan yang balas, ing metung mamangan yang bolitas". Google Translate that.

Then came the news that RP made it big time as the most corrupt country in Asia. Grand Prize, man! When we say corrupt it means the those who governs this country and of course our government system.


NAIA III, Cebu Lamps and a lot of etcetera. Then came an email being circulated about a guy who wants to leave the country if certain people were elected to government post with questionable reputation. I believe that that guy should not leave the country but instead spread his gospel all over the country and make the Filipino aware and beware of those he named.

Then came March... A priest announced his candidacy for governor of Pampanga. Ed Panlilio is a priest from Betis. Now, this is very different, this is not a guy who is rich, whose influence is restricted to a small community. And he dared to challenge not one but two Goliaths.

Here's the difference. The two candidates pours in thousands of pesos each day for their campaign. The priest campaign is sustained by volunteers. In Magalang, we have a supermarket with donation box on each check-out counter, this is for the priest campaign. And believe me, I once lifted one and its very heavy.

Back at the underground. So we have a choice after all. Our ballot will have an entry for governor. It's Among Ed Panlilio. A Bright Light indeed.

Check his site here: Among Ed Panlilio

Today, April 13, 2007, may be the last day of some of our janitorial crew. I knew that our management has done their best to keep them all employed here in CDC. Concerned employees have also done their best to support a campaign for them to remain here. But, I guess it is all wanting.

I've just done our Bidding Documents for Multi-function machines a week ago. All of our Bidding Documents have this entry:

Section IV: General Conditions of Contract and this in turn has this entry:

24: Termination for Unlawful Acts

24.1. The CDC may terminate this Contract in case it is determined prima facie that the Supplier has engaged, before or during the implementation of this Contract, in unlawful deeds and behaviors relative to contract acquisition and implementation. Unlawful acts include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Corrupt, fraudulent, and coercive practices as defined in ITB Clause 3.1(a);


ITB Clause 3.1(a) says

3.1 The PROCURING ENTITY as well as the bidders, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers or distributors shall observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. In pursuance of this policy, the PROCURING ENTITY:

(a) defines, for purposes of this provision, the terms set forth below as follows:

(a.1) “corrupt practice” means behavior on the part of officials in the public or private sectors by which they improperly and unlawfully enrich themselves, others, or induce others to do so, by misusing the position in which they are placed, and includes the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value to influence the action of any such official in the procurement process or in contract execution; entering, on behalf of the Government, into any contract or transaction manifestly and grossly disadvantageous to the same, whether or not the public officer profited or will profit thereby, and similar acts as provided in Republic Act 3019.

(a.2) “fraudulent practice” means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the PROCURING ENTITY, and includes collusive practices among Bidders (prior to or after Bid submission) designed to establish Bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive the PROCURING ENTITY of the benefits of free and open competition.

(a.3) “collusive practices” means a scheme or arrangement between two or more Bidders, with or without the knowledge of the PROCURING ENTITY, designed to establish Bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels.

(a.4) “coercive practices” means harming or threatening to harm, directly or indirectly, persons, or their property to influence their participation in a procurement process, or affect the execution of a contract;


Is Extortion not a Corrupt, fraudulent, and coercive practices?

Our Janitorial Crew has a tape recording of the"tawaran" which happened on the third floor of 2127. Ask them for it.



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