Monday, May 21, 2007

Among Gov

It is now over. Among Ed is the new governor of Pampanga. And I am very proud that my home town of Magalang has figured prominently on the final count. Our votes nailed the coffin so to speak.

I believe that all eyes are focused on Pampang during the election period because of Among Ed's decision to run for Pampanga's governor is very much unprecedented. First, he has to leave the priesthood which is very much a no-no for a priest. Second, his main competitors are well known in Pampanga and yes, they have lots of money to spend for their campaign. Third, he has no political machinery to speak of. No running mate, no party. Among Ed relied solely on volunteers.  And the volunteers delivered.

It's a People Power of a different and unique kind. The first People Power was called by a national figure, ditto the second one. They were called from above and entrusted to the masses. The Pampanga People Power came from the grassroots. It was called from the grounds up. From the masses to the top. It is as if the Kabalen took a good look at the current political situation, saw the corruption, the money lost from the sand quarries, the illegal gambling and its giant entrails of payola, then said "Enough is enough". Somebody has to do the job to get rid Pampanga of these malaise.

Among Ed volunteered himself.

He knows that he will be like a lamb casted on a lions den. A David against not one but two Goliaths. Two giants that lives on houses with high walls and acres of land. Two formidable person with lots of money to spend either within or without the bounds of the law. Kingmakers these two are.

Anyway, as our Parish Priest, Raul, said only Among Ed truly campaigned. He's the only one that has a true platform and programs for the Kabalens. The other two let their riches speak and flow to the masses.

Now that Among Ed is proclaimed as the Real Deal, one very sore loser is filing a protest. Why? Did Among cheated? Did he buy votes? Did he intimidated the voters? Please do wake up, madam. It's for your own good and if you truly love your Kabalens, you should concede and accept the fact that Pampanga deserved a good and untainted Governor.

Please visit  Among Ed's Forum for a continuing accounts, views and comments pertaining to Among Ed.

To the FORUMERS. Thank you very much for your continuing vigil especially to Mike, who kept a running account on the final hours of the counting (May 18, 2007) and Binubrocha who started the thread: RUNNING ACCOUNT!!! UPDATE PLS!!!

Guys and Gals, this is just a start for the march to Calvary, keep it up.

To the VOLUNTEERS. Thank you very much for supporting Among Ed. Without you Pampanga will still be in the Dark Ages. And please do not attach any string on your help in the campaign.

To ALL. Let us not take advantage of Among Ed's victory. We all volunteered and keep it that way.




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