Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stench: The Exploding Whale and Pampanga Sand

View the youtube video below and please listen carefully to what the narrator is saying. I have to point out something....

As the story goes, there was a dead whale weighing in at 8 tons beached at a coast in Florida. The people there don't want to bury it, because it may soon be uncovered, they don't want to cut it to pieces and burned because of the stench. There were seagulls flying all over the place waiting to get a piece of it.

The State Highway Division decided to blast it using half a ton of dynamite. Lot's of people were there to witness the disintegration. And so they did! Blast!

With a very spectacular side effect!

Chunks of dead whale meat flew up, up in the air and. Blast radius was a quarter mile. Stinking dead meat landed on the spectators and even destroyed a car hood. Even the seagulls left the area, apparently shocked by the blast. Imagine that you are in the scene and dead meat clinging on your clothes. Yucky and pukey ain't it? Don't want to be ever near another one like that again, don't you?

That's the Exploding Whale.

For so long a time now, there was gold in Pampanga. It is the sand that had been in the province since time immemorial and was replenished by the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo. Mind you that our previous governor had declared a whopping P30 million profit from this sand last year. P30 million for the entire year of 2006. That's a big amount of money for all I care.

But wait... there's more!!!

Our new governor, Among Ed, has collected P6.2 million in just FIVE DAYS. In 9 days this has ballooned into P9.8 million!!! Now look here. It is rainy season, and during the rainy season quarrying operations is in a slump. Comes the dry season we'll expect more, right?

In this article Pampanga is going to earn a potential P 370 million for this fiscal year. Compare that to the P30 million of the past year. That's less than 10 percent, mind you. Ay! P 30 million is just loose change.

Hellooooo!!! Something's fishy ain't it? A whale did explode in Pampanga. The stench will be smelled in the entire country, if not the whole world. And look the seagulls which have been having chunks of meat every now and then will fly, fly away from it, abandoning it on its hour of demise. We don't need any tons of dynomighty to blast em, we only need a guy with humility and a true heart.

I hope that there will be lots of Among Ed around the globe.

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