Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Francis J. Kong Seminar

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Previously I have attended a company sponsored seminar by Sister Rhivka (did I spell that rhigt?), and it's about the eastern enneagram. That was way way back when Rufo Colayco was still the CDC president. The purpose of which is to find out what kind of a person I am. To make this introduction short, it turns out that I am a head person and was a Number 5 on the 9 point enneagram. Head person's thinks so much, reads so much, watch so much of life, are very curious, but speaks or talks less of it. Introvert, shy, loner? Probably. In summary a person is either a head person, a heart person or a gut person. To know which person you are, ask HRD to conduct another seminar from sis. rhivka. (Most of the attendees then were number 3, heart person)

Yesterday, the first batch of CDC personnel attended Francis J. Kong's seminar on how to be a better employee and over all a good person, father/mother. TEAM-MAN-SHIP rocks!!!. One of the most worthwhile seminar that one could ever attend. Nobody's sleeping at the half-way mark. Three thumbs up for HRD on this one.

In retrospect, I view the seminar as a very constructive way to criticize our own follies. Blamestorming and finger pointing is a very much a disease in CDC. My favorite line I guess is when he said, instead of being a fault finder why don't you look on the bright side. Truly complimenting a person makes a better person. And this is infectious stuff. Do not take advantage of a person's goodwill.

In one of Fulghum's book, he mentioned that somewhere in a back-thrown island, they kill tall trees by shouting at them. They kept shouting and shouting till the tree withers. That is also true with employees'. Interpret me please.

He mentioned Chariots of Fire as one movie worth watching. It surely is. I've watched that film when I was in second year high school and I perhaps watched it about 4 times then. And I have a DVD of it for which I will never part and have watched the DVD for about 22 times already . So don't try borrowing it from me. Vangelis scored the theme and the main theme was even adopted by a G.E. Westinghouse commercial way back then. Oh yeah, Vangelis also scored for the movie Alexander and the noire film BladeRunner starring Harrison Ford.

So, OK. My three entry for the category of movie worth watching are

1. Chariots of Fire
2. Quest for Fire
3. Streets of Fire

The third one is a flop but watch it you'll know why.

Of course that's just a partial list...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Alakazam the Great
and many more.

Back to...

Kong showed us a film about a Cellphone salesman that won in a British Talent Search Show. Since I am a Head person and therefore I could never inhibit my curiosity, I search for this guy and found out that the name of that guy is Paul Potts, (not to be confused with Pol Pot). The former has a killer voice and the latter is simply a a good old-fashioned killer. Now, Kong told us that Paul's work is on the lowest tier of respectable job, opera singing is passe and if you look at them judges they surely look like they're going to yawn and make Paul an outcast for even trying to join the talent search. And look at that face, sleepy and gloomy and it looks like he's trying to say, please, please I beg you let me in, have pity on me. The guy simple looks like he keeps to himself, that nobody will seat beside him in the cantina. That his only and best friend is named Morris.

Then Paul opened his mouth and sang...

Sang? Misnomer me.

He made the hall closer to heaven! That heavenly sound is coming from a human being not from an angel. Kong told us that Potts eventually made it to the finals and made a million British Pound.

The video below shows the finals wherein Paul Potts won. (Do me a favor, wait for it to load and watch)

The shy and humble guy made it big time!

My point now. This blog is all about the happenings in CDC and about ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, my heroes. Now thank to sir Francis J. Kong I have another person to stalk (not on a real stalking way, of course).

Now in the video below, Paul sings "Time to Say Goodbye" or "Con te partirĂ²" a song popularized by a singer who is blind. Can you name that singer?

More on this, time to work.

p.s. in CDC do we recognize people who ....

finish the sentence please.

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