Monday, July 30, 2007

Francis J. Kong Lessons

Lemme backtrack a little...

On my previous blog, I have touched on the enneagram stuff. For what it is worth, that seminar will tell you what kind of a person you are. Which one of the head, heart or gut predominates your judgement, lifestyle and relationship. In that way, you know how to make yourself a better person and be cautious of what you do in the real world. It's more of finding yourself actually.

Now, Francis J. Kong's seminar is somewhat an extension or more appropriately the second step, after finding yourself, what do you do now? The end result is simply, make you better as a person, as an employee, as a friend, a father or mother, a sister or brother, boss. Or just plain human being.

Mr. Kong made a very simple example on how to be a good human being. You saw a piece of trash, walk towards it, get it, find a garbage can, drop it there. Simple and yet that little gesture which didn't take you a full minute made a big impact on the ecology. Nobody may have seen you do that, but you made mother earth a little bit better to live on.

However, next time you do that, give it a more ceremonial approach, say like passing the key to the city to an envoy, only the envoy is now that ever so polite trash can. This way, every one near you may emulate what you have done.

You want to cross the street how do you actually do it? You don't actually think about that do you? You just cross it.

"Now, watch this..." - Francis J. Kong's original words

See that white lines parallel to the road bounded by two lines perpendicular to the road between 2125 and 2127? That Dear Floyd is called a Pedestrian Crossing Lane. That is not where you park your vehicle like you always do. Nor do you make it your temporary parking lot like you always do. That is where you cross the road. If you don't know any better, or if you were born yesterday you just go slicing through the road don't yah. Any which way, right? Oh yeah, drivers should always slow down when they see these lines in front of them.

Oti, what gives? "Everybody's doing it. " Yeah, right... Floyd, but you're in Singapore. You are in an MMDA infested area. See the problem? We only do the right stuff when authority is there to check what we do.

I believe that on each side of the road between 2126 and the parade ground there are signs there that says "30 KPH". If I am not mistaken that sign means that motorist should drive at the max 30 kilometers per hour.

"Now, watch this..."

CDC Vehicle ridden by a CDC personnel, pedal to the metal at 30 kilometers per second. CDC personnel crossing the road singing and tra-la-la-ing in an acute angled slant between 2125 and 2127. Right place at the right time.

Golly, I don't wanna watch anymore.

My point is this. Just follow rules as if the entire police force of China is watching you.

"Now, watch this..."

Main gate. Sentry doing an understandable motion with his left hand signifying... open your window please. Driver, rolled open his window. Sentry, "Seatbelt please...". Driver, understanding what sentry is trying to say, buckled up his seatbelt. Rolled close his window and zoomed away.

Driver zooming, cellphone ringing. Driver reached for cellphone, lost control of the vehicle doing so, swerved tightly, slammed a tree. Vehicle - Toyota Camry. Hood - Volkswagen Beetle with lots of metal parts strewn here and there and little glistening glass here and there.

Driver, patting his seatbelt, thanking God and that Sentry that he's still alive.

I guess what I am saying is that we give our guards doing Sentry duty on every gate a 5 day seminar on doing an open-your-window-motion with their left hand and saying "Seatbelt please..." in a variety of tones, like so...

"Seatbelt please..." - Arnold Swardzdgrgr(?) in the Terminator

"Seatbelt please..." - Manny Pacquiao weaving and bobbing his head

"Seatbelt please..." - Cindy Lauper

"SEATBELT PLEASE!!!!!!!" - Hulk Hogan

Etcetera, etcetera... . Such a simple act, ain't it.

As it turns out many people just wear that lifesaver when there's an LTO Officer ahead or when told to by a Sentry. Seatbelt DO save lives, mind you.

More on Kong's lessons later

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