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Francis Kong Lesson, The Rank and File and the New Improved T.O. (duh?)

Francis J. Kong -

"Tell me, who's more important, you or the customer?"

"The customer!!" - us, the audience

"Somebody has to die, you or the customer?"

"The customer!"

"So, who's more important, you or the customer?"


"Now, watch this..."

We watched...

"You are more important than the customer. If you could not take care of yourself and your people, you can never take care of your customer."

So ends the gospel of Kong

Who takes care of us? The management, of course, but to be discreet about it, overall, the Board of Directors holds the helm and steers the wheel. The BOD is in charge. Corporate policies, corporate directions, organization's structure and yes, salary adjustment and increases.

I grant it that the BOD, had for the past 4 months or so knew the concern of the rank and file regarding their request for step increase, especially those who have serve the corporation for the past three years or so. A step increase of one or two would surely boost the morale of those who have been aged in oak barrels for a long time now.

To make matters fair I surmise that;
  1. Those who are in step one have been promoted from a previous Job Level
  2. Those who are in step one were less than two years or so on their current Job Level
  3. Those who are in step one are the frequent offenders of the corporate rules and regulations
To make it even fairer still I'll tell you something that you could have done to have a step increase.

Anyone of the rank and file could approach (covertly or overtly) their respective managers and ask for step increase. Your manager therefore could either scoff off your request or finding merits on it, goes balls out to justify a step promotion to his/her superior, even a Job Level increase for that matter. I have the honor of seeing this kind of approach done before and I despised it.

Prinsipyo.... Don't ever lose it.

To obfuscate it, it is not how long have you been on your current post, but how long you've been in CDC.

Now, the rank and files position is for a step increase for those who have gathered moss at Step One. Again, step increase, step increase. NOT a partial increase. Not Job Level One Step One Point Seventy Five. Not Job Level One Step One Point Fifty. Get it?

The new and improve salary structure gives the Job Level 3 Step 2 an increase of Php 825 from their old pay of Php 10,552 so and an so fort for JL3/Step 3 etc.

Now watch this. On the same new salary structure those rank and file employees who are in Step One retains their old pay. There is an increase of Php 0.00 for all Rank and File there.
Get it?

And yet, what ACCES is asking is for those people who have rendered three years or more of service to this prestigious corporation a step increase, say one step increase for 3 years of service. So on and so fort.

The management stand now is that, the three year olds and so, will be given 75 percent of the difference between step one and step two. And those who are three years or less will be given 50 percent of the difference between step one and two. I don't get it? Does the first one connotes that, If I have rendered nine years, I'll be given the same increase as the three year olds? Or will I be given 225 percent of the difference between step one and step two. That is 75 percent multiplied by three?

The Board of Directors seems undecided on this issue of step increase. How long have we already waited, 4 months? All we hear is updates but no concrete decisions. And there were rumors that the BOD had become a one man show.

And now, as if giving kilogram of salt on our wound, a mixture of calamansi juice and tabasco sause was drop on our eyes to stop our tears from falling.

Please do read these very old post before continuing

The T.O. Mga Bagay Bagay na Kailangang Tuunin ng Pansin

What Is The Table of Organization (again...?)


So now Ladies and Gentlelessmen, I present the


Our existing T.O. list 32 departments and offices. The NAITO calls for additional 9 entities exempting the Provident Fund. That's a total of 41 entities.

Now, watch this. NAITO calls for an additional Vice President, 4 Assistant Vice President, 1 Departmental Manager, two Office Managers, 3 Assistant Managers/Supervisors and 36 rank and file personnel. A total of 47 brand new personnel.

These are the New Addition to the T.O.

Office of the Vice President for Regulatory Services

Office of the Assistant Vice President for Finance
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Legal Affairs/General Counsel
Contracts Administration Office
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Administration
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Investment Promotions
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Security & Technical Services
Office of the Assistant Vice President for Permits/Licensing & Monitoring
Incentive Eval. & Import/Export Monitoring Office

thats enough details for now.

Now riddle me this. These new branches at the top will need lots of money, hemorrhaging money . You know like, service vehicles, petrol, staffhouse, gadgetries, horroraria, goodies , treats, mementos.

Now watch this. VP's are at Jl 13, Managers at JL 12. It follows that Assistant VP, fall on the JL 12. 5. So we will have 4 personnel with at least Php 42,830.50 monthly salary multiply that by 4 will give us Php 171,322.00.

Watch this. 171,322 divided by 1,138 (thats the difference between Job Level 4 Step One and Job Level 4 Step 2) we get something around 150. What does that mean?

Simple it means if we don't hire 4 AVP's... not spend Php 171, 322.00 a month, for the same amount of money, we could promote 150 CDC Personnel on Job Level 4 Step One a step increase, thereby boosting their morale. Now add the additional savings we get for the other 43 personnel (47 minus 4 eqaulis)

I understand that the NAITO is already approved and it is now for promulgation. I was told that this was quickly approved by the board.

I am now sourgraping...

The NAITO was approved quickly, without extensive consultation, brainstorming, streetbrawling, ear-pinching, hair pulling nor seppukuing from the Managers down to the rank and file, all the while the rank and files request for step increase remains hanging on the laundry line for 4 months or so.

The BOD did not solve or refused to solve the ranks issue and instead gave us a big bitter pill 2 meters in diameter and want it rammed our throat. I think the BOD needs a Francis J. Kong seminar too, doncha think so?

" Now!! Raise your right hand face your partner and pat him on his back and say 'You did a good job!' Nice work. You look good."

What a pity.

take this criticism constructively

Araling Panlipunan

Saguting ang mga tanong sa ilalim

Si Gloria ay ang ating presidente, di ba?

Si Mang Noli, ang ating Vice President, meron ba siyang Assistant Vice President?

Si Vice Governor Guiao, meron ba siyang Assistant Vice Governor?

Si Vice Meyor, meron ba siyang Assistant Vice Meyor?

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Anonymous said...

hey brother, i really appreciate your concern. i just hope and pray everyone else will be awaken also for our own good. MAKASAWA NA ING PAULIT ULIT ULIT ULIT ULIT tapos YANANANANANANAMAN. hay naku naku naman ne ot mengapakanyan naman dugu.

Magdasal po tayo becoz GOD will provide for us.