Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who Let The Blog Out?

The first blog I ever published was in December 9, 2004 at I entitled it "Coalition of the Deceived", (note the wrong spelling). It only have one lousy paragraph and if you dare, read it here The T.O. Mga Bagay Bagay na Kailangang Tuunin ng Pansin. In the beginning it was good, but then I have trouble posting at blogdrive and searched for a permanent home for my blog. In the end, I made its permanent home. Why? Not only is it free, but look at all those gadgets and widgets and add-ons and when run within firefox you could add more puddings like Zemanta, Clipmarks, Firebug, Fireshots and best of all etcetera, etcetera. There seems to be no end.

However, sometimes you just wonder, what was it like when blog has no icing and pudding? What was the first blog, how does it look, who first wrote it?  I was told that the first web log (as it was called then) was made by a U.S. soldier in the first gulf war as a memoir for his family to read if ever he gets to buy the farm. Well, it was not so...

The first genuine true, red blooded blogger is Dr. Glen Barry , a tree hugger (like me), way back in 1993. He's credited as the inventor of web blog for which he is deeply sorry. I dunno why should he be sorry, but come to think of it we bloggers should inundate him with thanks. Come to think of it, not only us bloggers but also those ads publisher/aggregrators/affiliaters/tors like Adsense,  Adbrite, Kontera, Chitika, Amazon, Adtoll, etc., should join the fray. Podcasters and feeders also.

And that's about it, do visit these links please for more info:

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