Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pampanga: Among Gov (Ed Panlilio) Got Served II

On my last post I've mention a song from Credence Clearwater Revival, below is a Youtube video and the accompanying lyrics.

As I've said, time goes and a lot of magic may happen. The governorship of Pampanga is "given" by Capampangans to Among Ed, but it is "given away" by people who thinks they are higher than the will of the people. It will take a lifetime to explain what happens in all those years after the ballots were cast in 2007. We may never know what truly happened to the ballot boxes that were counted, if those ballot boxes either burned or thrown off a river were considered, if those counted on the second count by COMELEC are really those that came from the citizen on election day 2007 or somewhat came on a much later date.

But I believe "good one's will gonna be much longer" for us.

It's Just A Thought lyrics (J.C. Fogerty)

It's just a thought
But I've noticed somethin' strange,
Gettin' harder to explain;
All the years are passin' bye and bye,
Still I don't know what makes it go;
Who said to wait and you'll see?

It's just a thought
But I wondered if you knew
That the song up there is you.
They can't take it from you
If you don't give it away;
Don't give it away;
Ooh (It's given away.)

It's just a thought
But the word has come too late
That a bad idea will take
Just about a lifetime to explain,
And don't you see,
Good one's gonna be much longer;
Who's gonna wait, just to see?

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