Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pampanga: Among Gov (Ed Panlilio) Got Served

As I've said on my earlier blog, I want my blog to be apolitical, but there comes a time... that... you have to think, you have do some basic math, do some logical hypotheses and perhaps some way, you have to share your opinion on what comes out of it.

At night, I never watch the news, I just play on-line games till my head just tilts and go to sleep, if you don't believe me ask my wife and my kids. Well, somehow this night is different. For some reason beyond my reasoning capacity I wanna watch the news. From the Cartoon Network to the GMA-7 News, I've switched a button, that selects my input from DVI to Cable-3, and then I saw before the actual news, video (ELECTION!!!) ads from Sen. Enrile, then Legarda, and lastly, Ex-president Erap, then the news.
Then comes...

The guy with the prominent nose and speedy mouth....Pampanga Capitol. Among Ed is out. Does that surprise me? No. It is as expected. It is what we all here in Pampanga expected, either we are pro-Pineda or Pro-Lapid or Pro-Panlilio. Doesn't matter. COMELEC did what it supposed to do... count what remains of the carcasses. Panlilio's camp will protest, Pineda's camp will do a counter-file, and on and on and on. And what will that do to us Capampangan's? Read my lips, DIVISION. Not the arithmetical one, but the one that could turn brothers against brothers, mother against his children. And then we dive again to what we are before the 2007 Election, a vast winterwonderland of lahar?. Of Desperation, of saying "them people are the same, they promise to do good, and when they’re seated, they become corrupt"..I don't have to elaborate here what I meant by that. Do the Google-ing.

Anyway I am not talking of when Among Gov, assumed his office. For maybe, he did do some shenanigans today and last day or last month or within the time frame of his incumbency. Did not do his sworn duty for the Province, slept there on the hall. Drunk there, whatever.

The question here is this. In 2007, does Ed Panlilio, the neophyte,  the independent candidate with no funds, no political party, no experience in the machinations of the ballots, could do a massive fraud in a province with 20 Municipalities covering a total of area of almost 2,000 sq. kilometers and almost 2 million citizen (don't know the voting pop here)? Could he do it, could his volunteers conceive an elaborate scheme to defraud the entire province?

How much money does it takes to con a province? How many people should do it? How many receivers?

Okay, as the song of Credence Clearwater Revival goes

It's just a thought
But I've noticed somethin' strange,
Gettin' harder to explain;
All the years are passin' by and by,
Still I don't know what makes it go;
Who said to wait and you'll see?

The most crucial moment in election is actually the day of the election, that's Day One. Even if there's a blackout or a brownout, our teachers and volunteers from the candidates' are obliged to spent the wee hours of the night counting and verifying the votes. And when the ballot box are transferred from one place to another, the volunteers and observers from the candidates will surely stick like leeches to the convoy or whatever. When they go the end destination say the Pampanga Provincial hall, where the electoral returns are counted (am I right here?) the atmosphere suddenly rise up, its the end game, its the main show, its the REAL outcome. But in the end, those volunteers, watchers, or what have you, have the benefit of really witnessing the real outcome of the election, and they calm down. That's how it is in all election. It is at this time that the winners comes poppin up.

After that crucial moment of a day or two or even a week....we sleep off the adrenalin then and when months and years passes, MAGIC could happen. I smell burning ballot boxes... and what remains are the carcasses, the one that COMELEC has counted. The dungeons, the gallows, all that creepy crawly, one-eyed funny purple people may....

I want peace for my province. I want prosperity for a province that had been devastated by lahar and the closure of Clark Air Base which clearly wiped out my father's motorcycle shop. I want those who are up there in the bureaucracy of Pampanga, Angeles City, City of San Fernando and the municipalities to think first of the citizenry. Not gain or recoup their losses and pay patrimony to those who've supported them. The strings should be detached. It's your decision. Give us peace of mind. Give us yourselves, not your yous.

This entry may be corny but I hope you got my drift. And Pampanga went down the drain again...

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Lady Maridel said...

Two thums up sir!

Lady Maridel said...

Two thums up sir!