Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Full Disclosure of the PF CBL

[ad lib] This post is intended for a few people. I opted to publish it in this blog since, I have no entry for a couple of months/years(?), so please do allow me with this indulgence


First, I take this opportunity to thank all those dudes and dudettes who had laid their trust in me in the recently concluded PF election. A thousand thanks to each and every one of you.

Congratulations to Kiko and Rose, it is surely well deserved. Also to Bhen, what a terrifying and gruelling experience, bro.

And then some…

I am a curious person, which is to say I am always a curious dude since I was just a kid. My curiosity is so overwhelming that I can't sleep for days when the curiosity groove hits me.

There a kid I was, always wondering about the stars. As I’ve grown I wonder about this guy who has an uncanny behaviour of picking his nose, whenever, wherever. It is not the nose-picking I am curious about, but what will happen to him in the future. Will he somehow erode his nostrils walls? Will his nose’s bridge become translucent and then transparent and then there’ll be four holes on his nose some day? After 20 years of observation, this did not happen.

And then some…

Chicken. Why don’t they become extinct by now? Here are some facts. KFC has 22,000 outlets worldwide, McDonalds has 33,000, Jollibee has 2,500. Search Wikipedia for Fast Food Chicken and you’ll get hundreds and thousands more specialty stores that serves chicken day in and day out. So where did all those chicken came from what is their birth/death ratio? Or is it that somehow the chickens are mutated breed? I mean a chicken with four wings, four legs, two breast or more.

Worldwide? According to the CIA World Fact Book, the global birth rate is 20.18 births per 1000 population. The global death rate is 8.23 deaths per 1000 population (2008 est). So, the World Births to Deaths ratio is about 2.452:1.] which means two chicken eaters are born when one chicken eater dies.

Now that I have established my unquivering and resolute curiosity, I go back to the subject of this piece.

During our General Assembly, I had prepared a note for clarification by those in front of us. But then I became a little itty bit pusillanimous in doing so, ostriched my head in the sand.  Now, I just want to know the event timeline of what happened during and after the counting of ballots. As I was told by somebody privy to this, this is what happened.

1.      Ballots are counted. Sir Kiko had the highest votes, Sir Bhen have the second highest and Mam Rose got third.

2.      Ballots are later recounted on the same date and Mam Rose became second and Bhen became the third placer.

3.      A day later the ballots are recounted and it was a draw between Rose and Bhen, while Kiko got at least seven more additional votes.

4.      The tie was settled with a coin toss. Mam Rose won.

5.      End of story. Note quite.

If that is what exactly happened, I have no qualms about it. For me, it would be just fair that Mam Rose and Sir Bhen serves concurrently.

I mean, 112 warm bodies voted for Rose. 112 warm bodies voted for Bhen. Human beings actually, as I was told. And then, this inanimate object, a Five-Peso Coin decided their fate. It’s 2001:Space Odyssey solution in which a human implement becomes a fate-changer.

Argue me, that this is what other entities do when there’s a tie. Argue you, that it’s in their documents, argue you that this is not in our documents. Because…

Here’s the curiosity part:

Is the coin toss ever allowed in the Provident Fund’s Constitution and By-Laws? Or was this just mutually agreed by Mam Rose and Sir Bhen? If this is not in the CBL, then it should be reconstituted within it, or to make it somehow far more fairer to both, I proposed my above statement, that both of them should serve a) concurrently b)half a year each c) re-election for the two parties. Take your pick. 

Also, is there some procedural protocol or something in lodging a recount or the conduct of such? I have more question in my pockets but for now, I have to leave it at that.

As Sir Glenn says, the Provident Fund is now on its Fourteenth Year. That statement also holds true for the Constitution and By-Laws. Times had changed, don’t you agree then that somehow some changes should be incorporated in the CBL? And you know what? After Fourteen Years we’ll have a collective glimpse of the CBL?

Salutes to all.


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