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CDC Employees’ - The Walk: Integrity Check Actually

This is a guest post by Legion. "My name is Legion because I'm many"

[He went there… to his mother’s grave…]

The Walk…

The last time that Francis J. Kong visited Clark Development Corporation (CDC) for an in-house seminar on Life’s Winning Points on November 2010, I was privileged enough to have a free book. Autographed by Mr. FJK himself.

FJK asked the audience “What is integrity?”, nobody’s raising their hand, not one. “The one who could answer gets a free book.”  1 2 3 4 seconds, I raised mine. (Now, if you truly know me, this is my kinda habit, give in to others, be the least. If not, else, then ). Raised my hand so high to heaven I could have disjointed my humerus off its socket, thinking “Here’s my free book. Nobody’s raising a hand, free book, free book…”

FJK pointed at me and repeated the question “What is integrity?” I gave a straight-forward answer: “The state of being complete, whole.” “You pick a book”, he said and went on to discuss integrity, from the root word integer, integral, etc. Blurry now, I was focused on what book I will select….

But really, what is INTEGRITY? Abstract words them “complete”, “whole”. Don’t calculate, really. OK. Watch this.

Walk, Talk, Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

The scene above is from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Animal Mother is giving the Joker a get go. Lip synch it for about three times till you memorize it…. And here we go.
Integrity is this. You may talk the talk and walk the walk, but do you “Walk your Talk?” Do you “Talk your Walk?”

Do you mean what you say and say what you mean? Do you keep your word? Does your word translate to your action? Do you practice what you preach?

[I have tried to live with integrity, loyalty, and courage.…]

Let’s put it this way.

1. You tell your employees “Be at work on time” and you go to work on time all the time, they will be at work on time

You tell your employees “Be at work on time” and you come late most of the time, they will emulate you, won’t they?

2. You say “customer first”, and you put your self interest first, they will emulate you again, won’t they?

From an email…

“Walang pang gastos sa Telepono… sa baseball na P10 million mayroon…???”

And then some, from a response email…

“Idagdag mo sir  yung mga feedbacks ng ibang mga locators about the worsening habit of asking for grease money (pataas nang pataas ang presyo ) for all these so so permits and other requirements.  May mga rumored “bagman” na nga yung ibang department. Dapat siguro magkaroon na rin ng lifestyle check sa atin. Tama ka rin na marami na ang “walang pakialam” kasi nakarating sila sa present positions nila because of loyalty and ________, not because they stand out among the rest.  At least yugn iba parang alam pa rin ang pinanggalingan, pero yung iba, feel na feel nila as if they can mask their being longanizas with nice suits and buffed wheels.  The others naman, they have long been enjoying all these perks and privileges, they’d rather go with the flow than putting themselves at risk. In short, marami kasing  mawawala sa kanila. Di bale nang delicadeza ang mawala. Kaya nga nauso pa ang laglagan sa ibang mga boss. Instead na i-defend ka, ididiin ka pa. Worse , they won’t even allow you to defend yourself sa mga superior nila. Either na natatakot sila or napapahiya sila na ikaw sa mababa ay marunong sumalungat at magreklamo. Sad to say, mga hollow at wala nang kahulugan yung mga ginagawa nating panunumpa kada flag raising. Ang CDC hymn -- just another ringtone. Vision and Mission?—para sa sarili nalang. HIntayin na lang dumating ang retirement with the latest salary which they’d never dreamed of. And maaari pa silang “palitan” ng mga kaanak nila sa CDC. The cycle has begun.” 

“Go with the flow”? Read it again, toothache.
How many are there above who would  build a solid reputation in CDC rather than image? What legacy will you have define during your stay?

3. You asking for an increase on your gas allowance, citing because of your departments need and yet that man who signs it knows well that that ain’t so. And yet he signs it. Let it be?  You putting another day on your OB pass after it was signed. You dining out with friends, relative, etc. and putting the tab on CDC expense. You putting pictures of someone of high prominence on your wall a day before the visit. Pogi points.

4. Project that hath no bearing as a driver for marketing Clark. Two Main Gates worth Php 50 million pesos, with two free bottleneckesess.

main_gate_new clarkmaingate2
Clark Main Gate 1
(Php 34,000,000.00)
Built in the late 1990’s the fountain is now the H.Q. of the Philippine Rugby Team

Clark Main Gate  2
(Php 16,000,000.00)
Also known as Voltes V suffered a slash wound under his left arm. CCTV shows that a CDC guard actually loitered off when a bus rammed Voltes V’s arm. The wound still exist up to this writing.

Below is Subic Main Gate
(Php 40,000.00??)
”Rey, it is not how expensive your gates are. It’s how you train your sentries, you PACKING SHEET!!!” so my friend JOJO says.

(Did you count the zero00s above? Did you notice that the Subic Gate has a sign "GODSPEED" and not "BUSSPEED"?)

5. Making man-made reinforced concrete drainage which looks more like ravines where there is no history of flooding for the last 3,000 years. Waiting for an accident?

6. Making the Airport Runway and Flight line path a little more dangerous by erecting, of all things, a Gas Station and a Northwalk right at the very approach of the runway. Will an AirBus A380 land here?

Newcastle Airport As you can see here. Even the smallest runway has clear approach and take off path. No buildings. And definitely No GAS STATION!!! add this on the roof

And here’s the clinchers…

7. No hiring. Said there are too many employees already. True and not true. You are counting heads, and not counting sets. Look at BURD and RMO. By reason of retirement, death,  transfer to other department or insanity had depleted their manpower. So many things to do all at once that their momentum stops. Delegating a lot of work to an individual cause an overload of physical and mental stress. Absences abound.  Priority also are ill-defined sowing confusion. Have you seen their equipment?. Please do look around.

8. OIC forever. You don’t like the man/woman, so you put him there at the fence. You either go back to your old post you say. But never will you ever be the main man of your department/office. And yet, and yet, there are those who just got all the sucking powers of a Soliman Septic Suction Machinery that, hey, you rise without undergoing a battery of test and a panel of judges to earn your keeps. Don’t you smile like that. Sneer or grin, it’s true. Rock, rock from heaven. Get shot don’t get angry.

9. A group of asked for your help regarding a situation that could be directly resolved by you. You whom they regarded as a man of principles (so they think) because of your rank in the organization. So here they are. You promised them that on a certain date the problem will be resolved. They sang their thanks and Hallelujahs to you. They collectively earned your trust. But, the day of reckoning came, and you did not do what you’ve promised. You did a 180 degree turn on them.
What does that make you? a) A man of integrity b) A hypocrite.  Get it Integrity? Hypocrite – scribes and Pharisees? Get it. Hear ye Brother Matthew 23 verse --25 "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you cleanse the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of extortion and self-indulgence. "Blind Pharisee, first cleanse the inside of the cup and dish, that the outside of them may be clean also.”,,

Are you credible or just clever? 

There was a time, when these guys here

Rogelio L. Singson

Antonio R. Ng

John Patrick C. Gregorio

Guys above are head on guys whose sole purpose is to Market the Freeport. Dedicated. True to their work. They did not last here.

[On February 8, 2011, a man shot himself on his chest, piercing his heart. A few days before, he talked to a PCIJ journalists. What did he tell his parents]

[“I did not invent corruption. I walked into it.” –“Tinyente pa ako, ganyan na ang sistema…”]

Integrity, I supposed.

“Why did I not changed it? Why didn’t I do anything? Why have I let myself be swallowed by the system? Mother…forgive…”

And so the CDC employees marched into the sunset.

The Walk: Director’s Cat-Pusa

p.s. please read John C. Maxwell’s book “Developing The Leader Within You”. Chapter 3 focuses on Integrity. Now you know how I’ve answered Mr. Francis J. Kong’s question.


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