Thursday, January 31, 2013

Is GCG The Ultimate Union Busting Tool of the Government? (Part 3–well sort of)

This is Part 3. If you want to read Part 1 click here, for Part 2 click here.

Third Point – ACCES and the CDC Management Reluctance in a CBA (sort of)

Yesterday, I’ve blogged about the ACSP and the R.A. and the A.O. and the still stood still status quo. Well as fate would have it, the ACSP got what the they have bargained for on the same date as the second blog.

And this is how it happened…. AAAHHHHHH…..(in one breath)

They continued with arbitration, the AVA ruled in favor of them, CDC asked for reconsideration, reconsideration is denied by the AVA, CDC did not comply, walked out, the sheriff came and forced the monies out of the bank. Done.

I congratulate our supervisors for this daunting experience, but as the say “The law should always be in favor of the labor”.

Now look at this….

(!!!Warning not for the weak of heart or vegetarians, viewers discretion is advised!!!)

You have been properly warned.


This my friend, is a cow rotating on its axis, on a bamboo pole, underneath are glowing charcoals.

Take a hint ACSP, I know you could read my mind. If you don't here's another hint.

As for the Third Point, I should delay for sometime later. The ACCES will be having a General Assembly tomorrow at 12:00 P.M. and I think it will be all about … don’t know, a Strike Vote maybe.

Kill joy.

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