Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rigudon at CDC

The last few days brought a lot of raised eye brow.There are those who applauded the action of the new president and there are those who question the move to organized the structure of CDC.
Hey, did you know that ten years ago CDC have been in a similar situation?
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It was 2003. Reorg. Offices were created. ACCES officers getting promoted. Dejavu?But this thing here is different. Managers and supervisors were made to ride a Carousel, a Merry-Go-Round. And it is really amusing and bemusing at the same time.

Instead of adding more organizations within CDC, the somewhat overloads were removed. And then it got the bejezus out of me...The Marketing Department was virtually chainsawed!!! Heads off, arms off, legs off. What the? And the bitter joke was that those who've remained in Md are the dudes and dudettes who are traveling on the straight and Narrow Path. Hail OCA!!!The grapevine has it that there will be more like this. It will be the R&F whole get the next dose. I hope not.We all know that there are those who aspires for a better post in CDC. There are assistant managers who have been OIC for a long time and are just inches away from becoming the head Honcho. And in so doing if the OIC/A.M. gets promoted there will be a vacated position for A.M. and then Supervisory and a rank file aspiring to be a supervisor. Its a Spiral staircase.

With this reorg those aspirations got plugged off. There will be no open posts. And then again... WeAll Stood Still

So, there you are. Your boss got transferred. Is it a tearful "Good Bye" or a headspinning high Five-ing Jumping Jack Flash "Good Ridance".And so there you are.You got a new boss. Is it a red carpet welcome or do you think it is better to get a poltergeist... A disruptive presence as one former CDC President said it. Is that what you've got?Is the reorg good. I have my own opinion it is most naturally welcometo some extent.Throw them rocks at me will ya?

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