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5 Things That Will Be a Positive Change In CDC Operations

[adlib: The original post is dated November 11, 2011 that is 11-11-2011 for some sort of dramatic and Biblical effect but I have to wait a little longer before publishing it to remove the dramatic and Biblical effect. Read on.]

Here goes...

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away there was a little place where CDC employees comes to partake of sumptuous meals behind Building 2127, this was renovated and transformed in a Office to promote tourism inside the zone. Then a place called Our Homeplate arose so the people could continue to partake of meals together. However, the end has come for them to congregate and soon they have their last suffer.


Years later, when an employee, visitor, a friend, a customer or a prospective locator gets hungry or wants to have some cofee, all we could offer is:

Alfresco dining at Clark Freeport Zone

This is the ACCES Coop Canteen. So there you go...

 1. Canteen

 2. Parking Lot

 "I can't read this sign!" - Anonymous CDC Employee
"Saan kaya ito" - Unknown Visitor from La Union
"Ampangit naman editing nitong picture" - ACCES member

Okaaayy!! Right from the start I made a lot of people angry. Rank and File, Supervisory, VPs and Ps. But you should consider this. Customer/Potential-Customer goes to the CDC corporate offices. Search for parking space. And whadayu know? All parking space within the vicinity of the corporate offices are taken.

Taken by whom? By them dudes and dudettes that work in CDC. Every day, there's this sort of Wacky Races towards that precious sweet spot, under the shades parking space. And sometimes there's them dude/dettes who wants that damn traffic cone removed by them security guards and when them guard don't comply because that damn space is reserved for them VPs, them certain dude/dette give the guard a menacing stare and sometime scolds the poor guard who is just doing his job. All the while the guard is thinking you are Dick Dastardly. Like so: 

Muttley, if that guard doesn't follow, he'll eat rubber

And then there's this....

Potential client/visitor/locator comes to the corporate office, looks for a parking space, finds none. Ask his driver to drop him by 2127. Driver did that, client goes to the building. Driver looks for a parking space, finds none.

a) He drives around hunting for an opening
b) He parked illegally and got the security guard treatment

Boss comes, and the driver told his story. Any way, we get a bum reputation. 

Now, will it not be good if we just put the customer first? We designate a parking space solely for the use of our clients, potential clients, locators and visitors? I know, this is easy for me to say because I don't own any vehicle, so I guess I have the upper hand here. So what about you my motored vehicle friend, where do you park? I am very indifferent and I don't care. Best way maybe to just leave them at home and ride the bus or carpool.

3. Open Court

That ladies and genitaledmen is the Parade Ground fronting the corporate offices of CDC. Notice that metal thing over there? That's a baseball thingy thing. And on the same ground, we also have a soccer soccery thingy.

Those metal coop are seldom used. Undecoration for an otherwise serene view. I know of something that could be erected along side these erections....


 That's the best erection you'll ever see on the Parade Ground

Them dudes and dudettes of CDC have always asked management to construct something like this, Ever Since The World Began. But I guess management have other priorities like building another Main Gate and of course, the baseball and soccer thingy.

But take a look at that Open Court and what do you see?

I see the Palarong Pambansa ng Mga Lokeytors (PPML) basketball, volleyball, table tennis, UFC, MMA, beyblade, tumbang preso and Maro being staged here.

You know, there is this poor guy from HRD who organized sports for the locators of the zone but always having a problem having a venue for the event. He go to Yokohama. He go to SATA. Probably went to USB, also.

It would be nice if somehow the management prioritize something like this. This will also make them employees lessen their dependence on the health insurance, because they will be physically fit, mentally alert and morally upright. 

Did they really vanished?
Health and Life Insurance?
Mouth agape, I cannot answer

4. One Corporate Building

Below the stairs, there's minions

Did you know that our monthly electric bills is more than Php 2 Million? Now you do. Why?

It's because we have this many buildings. Seven: and they are Bldg. 2127, 2125, 2122, 2121, MWR, Children School, PRD, Health Office, Museum and PSD. Don't correct me, I'm the writer here.

And did you know that whenever you use our corporate email, this image is magically inserted on the email and could not be missed by our recipient?

I am concerned about paper and ink, not on the cost of electricity

Are we really concerned about the environment, or just paying lip-service? The last I've heard is that electric consumption causes carbon emission. And we are simply hemorrhaging millions of pesos in electric bills.

Let's do some fun but simple mathematics here.

My electric bill is about 2,500 pesos per month, now how many months and years should I keep paying to reach 2 Million Pesoses?

that will be 2,000,000 divided by 2,500 ikwalis 800 months, dividing that to 12 and we got 67 years worth of home electricity versus a month in CDC. Got that?

Mind you, Building 2125, 2127, 2121 and 2122 are created like fortresses and the Americans who built them has no regards on how much electricity these buildings consumes. They are the equivalent of Cadillac Fleetwod V8 Gas-guzzler if they ever were cars.

And picture me this:


Girl in elevator shoe is borne out of a PUJ in front of 2125 (it's raining, bro!)
Girl asked where's the Health Office and you pointed: THERE!!!
Girl grumbled and rode a PUJ to go THERE!!!

Scene 2:

Your son got bitten by a dog
You went up the 3rd floor of Bldg. 2127 to go to HRD to ask for a Referral slip
Man told you that you have two choices: 

a) Wait until 3:00 P.M. and pick it up 

b) Do it yourself

Chose b) and you go to the Health Office, then to HRD, then to Budget then to HRD again. And now you've covered more than 2 kilometers of pavement just so you could get that referral A.S.A.P. Why? Because our buildings are THERE!!!

Solution? Pick one, please

 a) Four floor Twin Building
b) Warehouse Like Sprawling Building

Which ever you choose you win. One Corporate Building, not two, three or four or more but one.

We could make them very environmentally sound and electricity efficient. We could have solar panels, windmills, water collectors, and any other gadgetry designed to lessen our dependence on the grid and perhaps send power to the grid. And those damn computers and servers? We could consolidate the servers and enter the world of virtualization which have been around for about 400 years and we haven't touch the hem of the virtual world's garment like that woman did in Luke 8:44. One step forward and two steps backward. Kuha mo iho?

Using my patented formula, we could reduce our electric bills down to Php 307,252.96 per month. If you don't believe me, then, BELIEVE ME!!!

We could build it near our Main Main Gate (not a typo, ok?) so that it will be easily accessible by both our customers and employees sans riding a PUJ, paying Php 12.50 and unloading on the wrong place. Plus SM will be happy.

You might say that building that kinda building is pretty bloody expensive. Oh yes, but did you take into consideration how much we pay for electricity every month or years, add to that the cost of maintenance, water, fare, petroleum for our fleet and that of our customers and employees? Plus the environmental factor which we are trying to subliminally wanted to communicate. WTFY!!! 

This will also solve the Parking Lot Problem, ain't it?

5.  Upgrade yourself and be a model of best practices

[Now this comes as no surprise and is the one that is keeping me from publishing this article, I'll just keep this short, but the actual draft is way too long.]

A long time ago, I once have a boss, whom, although having a high position, still carries and buy books about engineering. I have asked why and he gave me a smirk and rolled his eyes as if I have asked the dumbest question man has ever come up, and said "Learning never stops". That boss of mine is now an undersecretary of one government department, and I do believe he still got some books in them vehicle of his.

You know that ever true adage: 

The only thing constant is change...

But it seems we people here at CDC had accepted a status quo attitude. Some does not accept the fact that somehow their tools and knowledge which they have employed or learned a decade or so ago are somehow not quite relevant today. And that somehow there are employees here that have new tools and new set of mind that could prove to be beneficial to the organization.

These guys just reached a certain level, get content and won't budge forward. As a result the corporate will not move forward also.

But the way we think is this: That dude/dette is a potential threat to my pissed up territory and so I must protect my turf.

And that dude/dette just swag his arms and go right on his business and in his minds eye, he knows the inadequacy that them fellow have. Them territorial pissing kind. Pity.


It is somehow disappointing to see some people like these. They don't want any help and yet they could not give a concrete or everlasting solution. And when you try to help them, they bite and say "Bakit, nagmamagaling ka ba?!!!"

Whomever you are, maybe you're a doctor, a nurse, an engineer, a lawyer, a plumber, a technician, a decoy, a dog trainer or a born loser, you have to upgrade yourself and don't wait for the company to do it for you. OK.

And then there's some. You probably noticed this: Clark Development Corporation have a FACEBOOK PAGE, but could you access it? Facebook is one way to market the Freeport Zone, any bright ideas on how to take advantage off on this? 


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